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WINX 2.0: The New Generation- Ch. 8
    The bus shook and I did my best to keep my phone in my hand. “Mom, it still bugs me! It was my first kiss!” I whined into the phone. She hummed on the other side in acknowledgement.
    “I know sweetie, and I’m truly sorry. I could tell your father, I’m sure he would be eager to hunt him down.” I laughed at my mom’s form of comfort, her work noise in the background.
    “It’s fine. Well, it’s not, but I know who is at fault. It’s all because of Cleo. He would have never shown up had it not been for her.” I grumble into the phone. Suddenly, a ball of paper hit me in the back of the head.
    “Those sound like fighting words to me!” Cleo calls from the back of the bus where she sat beside Princess Skyla. What was with these two the past three weeks? After their fight with Sephiroth, they appear to have gotten closer.
     “I have
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WINX 2.0: The New Generation- Ch. 7
    Saturday morning had arrived and I was that loser who sat in her dorm alone as the other girls went to Red Fountain to meet up with boys. Oh well, I could at least get my homework done...or paint and draw to my heart’s content...
    Obviously the latter.
    I sighed through my nostrils and walked into the living room, heading to the stand where Cleo put her fancy coffee machine. She told us not worry where it came from and, honestly, I was too scared to ask. The fresh smell of vanilla beans being ground and turned into a perfect cup of morning happiness lifted my mood.
    Why should I feel down just because I wanted Tucker to ask me to join him Saturday like the other guys asked my roommates? He is not like the other guys. Besides, it’s not like I want to do anything other than draw him, right? I’m not looking for boyfriends like them, well, like Star. But, it would have been nice to be asked to hang out by
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WINX 2.0: The New Generation- Ch. 6
     I stood before the girl from the other day with my words lodged in my throat. What was I planning on saying to her? I had chased her down for the first hour of the dance just to end up in this awkward corner in this awkward situation with this awkward tension. I let out a breath I had no idea I was holding.
    “I thought you were going to get Princess Belle of Eraklyon to be your date? Or maybe the antisocial Princess Skyla of Eraklyon?” Her blue eyes narrowed at me and my heart skipped a beat. This girl was perfect. She handled my attitude with sass and fiery retorts, and I liked that in a girl. Plus, she was nowhere near as intimidating to mess with as Cleo.
    Thinking of Cleo, was Helix making a move on her or being a bore? Hopefully she takes the reins or I may lose my bet with Brendan and Tucker.
    “I said that, but I’d rather apologize to you...” I awkwardly looked down at the confessio
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Unexpected Mate (Levi X Reader: Soulmate AU)
This is my first Soulmate AU. I have been reading a lot of them lately, so I decided to give it a try. I hope everyone likes my twist on it! Also, there is some strong language (obviously because it is a Levi fic) and some talk of sex (it is discussed to the point where you know it happened, but not smut or lemon). Please enjoy!
    “How? It has to be expensive, and the court proceedings will take too long. And I don’t want you spending more money on those crazy street guys, they may not be legit. Besides, I still love you, (F/n), I do, I swear.” He paused in his ramblings, his green-blue eyes looking to the ground frantically. “I-I just don’t know what to do. I never thought I would have two Soulmates...” He sighed and put his arms down at his sides, exposing the words on each arm. The right side had the first words I ever said to him.
    My eyes are up here.
    I practically laughed at the memory of the
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WINX 2.0: The New Generation- Ch. 5
       I played with my thumbnail and found that I could not say a single word the entire way home. Cleo smiled to herself as she typed away on her phone, already messaging Helix her new number. It was odd to think that the two of them actually hit it off so well. From Star’s stories, she basically assaulted Helix’s behind and he was okay with it.
       I guess there have been weirder encounters.
       Like my one with RJ earlier.
       The sun had set entirely by the time we got back to campus, and Star was eagerly waiting for us back at the dorm. She yammered on and on about how my brother finally asked her out even though she technically did all the work. It annoyed me the slightest bit.
       Why is it that Brendan can have an easy life? And easy romance?
       That everyone but me could have a better life and social surrounding?
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WINX 2.0: The New Generation- Ch. 4
       I fiddled with my thumbs as I waited for the bell to ring. This week had been a long one. I had already socialized more than I thought I could in a week let alone a month; but that is not the particular reason as to why I felt more nervous than usual today.
       The first dance of the year was tomorrow night...
       And RJ wanted to search for girls in Magix tonight.
       I swallowed hard and watched the second hand touch the twelve, the bell immediately following after it. I jumped from my seat, but did not have the proper time to move around my desk and run. RJ grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back. “Where you going, Tuck?” He asked with a smirk on his face.
       “W-w-well, I, ummm, well, you see, I have a report due Monday and it’s going to take all weekend to write. Heh heh, yeah, so I have to skip out tonight.” I scratch my
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WINX 2.0: The New Generation- Ch. 3
       I swallowed hard and did my best to keep a calm composure. In all reality, I could not be more nervous than this. We sat amongst the other freshman squads as the upperclassmen squads sat around us in a giant circle, the seniors sitting directly before us with evil grins on their faces. A small goblet sat feet away from the FS1.
       We were squad FS8 out of ten and FS7 was currently pulling out their challenge for the evening. Already, one group had to sneak into Saladin’s office to steal his officiating stamp and another group had to steal all of the eggs and potatoes from the kitchen before the chef came in to prepare breakfast.
       I pinched my pants between my fingers to keep my digits from shaking. What if we got something that could risk expulsion already? My father and mother would be so disappointed and I would be a failure as a future heir to the throne.
       I kn
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WINX 2.0: The New Generation- Ch. 2
       I hugged my mother goodbye, tears overflowing in her eyes as I picked up my bags and backed away slowly. “I’m proud of you, Skyla, make sure to call and write often!” She cheered as Belle took hold of her hand and led her in the other direction. Of course she would go and meet Belle’s roommates and see her off from her room. Father had stayed to help Brendan settle in at Red Fountain.
       That left me alone.
       Like always.
       I sighed and brushed my fingers through my waist length blond hair. I pulled my bags despondently behind me as I looked for my room. At last, I came to the room with four other names on it. I took a deep breath and opened the door. The first thing I saw was the living room with pink and purple furniture everywhere, a girl standing in the center of the room practically glaring at the colors. With a smirk forming on her face, she sn
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WINX 2.0: The New Generation- Ch. 1
       My light blue eyes darted around nervously while my parents conversed with other parents at Red Fountain. My sister and I accompanied my brother here to see him off before we headed to Alfea to start our first year there. Brendan stood to the side, leaning against a pillar as if he were waiting for someone. He probably was. Of course the future King of Eraklyon would be well known and well acquainted with others of the universe.
       Then there was my darling twin sister, Belle, future Queen of Domino, who stood there and talked in the adult conversation as if she had already assumed the throne our mother should have had, had she not married our father and chosen him over her own kingdom. She was sure to be the gem of Alfea, just like our mother.
       Where did I belong in this universe?
       “H-Hey! Br-Brend-da-dan!” A shaky voice came from my brother’s direction
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February 3rd (Pirate!England X Reader)
This piece is a one shot for my best friend and waifu, :iconLaurelchan:, on her sixteenth birthday! I wish I could be there for you, but I promise to make up for it when I come home for spring break! I hope you all enjoy it as well as Laurelchan!!!! BTW, this is my first Hetalia fanfic!
    Arthur Kirkland stood on the bow of his ship, boots pressing tight against the wood of it as his green eyes narrowed out at the vast expanse of blue-green before him. The waves rocked the ship beneath him and he let his body flow with the vessel. A small smirk formed on his lips as the February wind ruffled his blond shaggy hair, the feather on the hat that sat lopsided on his head also moving with the wind’s tendrils.
    He could hear his crew in the background as they hoisted the sails higher. In the distance, his bright green eyes caught onto a small ship. It would stand no chance against this beautiful British vessel. Those stupid Spaniards stood no chance again
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The Idol and His Tarantula (Ren X Reader)[UtaPri]
Hey guys! This is my first Uta no Prince Sama fanfic! It is obviously a Ren Jinguji X Reader. He is actually my second favorite character with Tokiya Ichinose as my first. Anyway, I literally dedicated like ten hours to writing and editing this and it is suuuuppperrrrr long, but I hope everyone enjoys it. I finished this at one thirty in the morning and I'm posting it now so I apologize for grammatical errors. Please enjoy!!!!
    Moving to the rhythm with more grace than you thought possible, you finished the dance routine with your right hip popped out with your right hand on it and your left arm up in the air. You panted the slightest bit until the music in the background stopped completely. You released the pose with a huff and a small smile in the direction of your group members.
    “You really have improved (F/n).” Yoko pulled her blond hair up into a fresh ponytail and patted your shoulder.
    “It’s about time. You
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The Return: 10 (Levi X Reader X Armin)
Hello again, everyone! I know it's been a long time since I posted this or have had time to write in general. Just a heads up, there are a few spoilers from the manga, but not as many as usual in this chapter. Please enjoy!!!!
    I floated in the abyss of my memories. Flashes of things once seen were enough to restore memories from a time long before the present. Certain memories captured my attention more than others.
    I twirled around the drab room in my blue cotton dress, my (e/c) eyes noticing the irritation growing in Tate's own (e/c) orbs. "What need do you have to go out and visit the scum in the walls?" He growled, brushing a piece of shaggy (h/c) hair from his eyes.
    I paused mid-twirl and burrowed my gaze into him. "Haven't you ever wanted to see what civilization is like? We grew up trapped in these shabby buildings and labs our entire lives! You at least got to go out to the battlefield five times to my one; I just want to see
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Senpai Noticed Me...- 2/4 (Levi X Reader)
Senpai Noticed Me-2/4: My Possessive Senpai
    A week has passed since that incident.
    The week consisted of lying in bed, wheezing, puking, and, occasionally, getting ahead in your homework. At least 85% of the left over time was spent dozing in and out of consciousness as you binge watched anime on Netflix. It was a little irritating that you had only been back a day and got ill already, but it was your fault for forgetting your medicine on the first day back.
    As you slipped on the blazer and adjusted your tie, your doorbell rang. Your mother and father had already gone to work so it meant you had to rush around to grab your bag and homework, down your cup of milk, and put a piece of Nutella smothered toast in your mouth before throwing the door open in a slight rage. Your (e/c) eyes widened at the sight before you.
    Levi Ackerman narrowed his gray eyes at the sight of you, flicking a piece of his raven black hair out of his f
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Senpai Noticed Me...- 1/4 (Levi X Reader)
Senpai Noticed Me- 1/4: My Short Senpai
    Your back stiffened in surprise as a thundering of steps began in seconds flat. Everyone in your homeroom rushed to the window and looked out with awe. Your brow scrunched in confusion as you tilted your head and watched the others.
    “Look at that car!”
    “That’s a black 2015 Ferrari F12berlinetta!”
    “That beauty of a car has got to be Levi’s.”
    “Today I will definitely ride with him!”
    Unable to understand what the commotion was about, you turned to face the front. Armin turned around in his seat and analyzed your confused expression for a second. “I guess you have been out too long to know what’s going on. Everyone is gawking at Levi Ackerman. He showed up a few weeks after you were hospitalized. He is super rich and rarely shows up to school. He also hates everyone and is known to be merci
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SNK/AOT Modern! AU! Chatroom
MasterCommander started a chatroom
SexyStallion: I’ll make ya neigh ;)
BroComplex: Eren is waifu and waifu is laifu
ArlertAlert: I’m cute with a big brain and girls really dig that
Humanity'sCleanest: I hate all of you.
MasterCommander: That’s the last time we all go to the bar together…
Humanity’sCleanest: Where the hell are you people? One of you little shits took my bleach and I can’t find you in the hotel.
ArlertAlert: Mikasa and I are in a room at Maria Inn...Why am I roomed with a girl?
MasterCommander: Wait….. you’re not a girl?
ArlertAlert: NO! I’m not! Really! Even Mr. Ackerman knows!
Humanity’sCleanest: Only ‘cause we had to piss at the same time.
MadScientist: You are too cute to be a boy...Was it a surgery?
ArlertAlert: NO!
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In A Church [Reader X ????(AOT/SNK BOY)]
    The church was full of people, both people who knew the deceased and those who came just to say they did. There were those that built a false past with the deceased and those who cried as they treasured what moments they had with him. The smell was musty and reminded me of a lifeless being, but also smelled of baby powder, old people, and flowers. The flowers were blue and white roses, the colors of the Survey Corps.
    Armin looked at me with his big blue eyes, each one seeming to possess its own type of sadness. He held his hand out and I took it, squeezing it as if he would disappear any second. He led me to a pew two away from the front and off to the side, the casket could be seen, but not the deceased. I stared straight ahead in thought as others filled in and began idle chatter.
    The older people and the seasoned Survey Corps soldiers looked upset, but expressed nothing compared to the younger people in the church. I blinked back tears as I
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Pucca: TONT Page 28 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 28 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 460 43 Pucca: TONT Page 27 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 27 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 337 22 Pucca: TONT Page 26 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 26 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 451 44 Pucca: TONT Page 25 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 25 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 364 14 Pucca: TONT Page 24 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 24 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 621 75 Pucca: TONT Page 23 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 23 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 454 26 Pucca: TONT Page 22 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 22 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 469 41 Pucca: TONT Page 21 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 21 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 440 18 Pucca TONT page 20 by LittleKidsin Pucca TONT page 20 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 729 109 Pucca TONT page 19 by LittleKidsin Pucca TONT page 19 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 514 16 April Post Card - Yuri on Ice by Hootsweets April Post Card - Yuri on Ice :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,551 113 Pucca: TONT Page 18 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 18 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 765 93 Pucca: TONT Page 17 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 17 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 477 15 Pucca: TONT Page 16 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 16 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 399 8 Pucca: TONT Page 15 by LittleKidsin Pucca: TONT Page 15 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 449 22 Pg100-102 Just Your Problem by Hootsweets Pg100-102 Just Your Problem :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 1,160 207



Yeah, my shit still isn't together. Sorry everyone!
Hey gals and guys! Y'all are probably like, "Where dat hoe at when she promising us so much?" Well this hoe has gone to Ireland and gotten sick twice within two weeks. I'm still recovering and getting my shit together. Hope to be writing AND POSTING soon! Thanks for dealing with my crap!
The votes are in an I will be writing an interactive romance fic with the readers and Attack on Titan characters! I have not received any votes for female characters, so it will be all male candidates. If I get a good amount within the first few weeks I may throw one in last minute.

I will post the intro and the first chapter this weekend and the voting will last either a few days or a week, I have yet to decide. I hope everyone is as pumped for this as I am!!!!

POLL EXTENSION TILL FRIDAY!!!! I would like more responses for the interactive fic I will be writing with all of you! PLEASE GO TO MY JOURNALS AND CLICK ON THE ONE THAT SAYS ITS A POLL AND VOTE IN THE COMMENTS!!!!
Hey everyone! Please go to my journal titled POLL FOR INTERACTIVE FIC!!!! and vote for an anime that will become an interactive fic with the readers deciding who they will end up with!!!!
The votes are in an I will be writing an interactive romance fic with the readers and Attack on Titan characters! I have not received any votes for female characters, so it will be all male candidates. If I get a good amount within the first few weeks I may throw one in last minute.

I will post the intro and the first chapter this weekend and the voting will last either a few days or a week, I have yet to decide. I hope everyone is as pumped for this as I am!!!!



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